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Developers Plus is looking to hire 3 React.js programmers

Job Type : Full_time

Salary : $900


Meetings and ideation with the development team to discuss ideas and challenges • Open-minded team player, willing to accept feedback and offer suggestions • Reviewing application - requirements and interface designs • Identifying web-based user interactions • Developing and implementing highly responsive user interface components using react eco-system concepts • Documenting application changes and developing updates • Ultimately, you should be able to break down UI designs into small reusable components, collaborate with teammates on component development, and build on top of ready-made libraries. and finally, document the code and procedures. • Hands-on experience in delivering multiple complex website and application projects • Strong experience with Typescript • Strong experience with CSS/HTML Semantics, animations & performance • Strong experience in CSS/JavaScript frameworks and libraries • Good grasp of various Programming Paradigms (Functional and OOP) • Good grasp of concepts of asynchronous development • Hands-on experience with Frontend testing (E2E, Unit, Regression) • Hands-on experience with Design-systems and building Component Libraries • Experience with publishing Progressive Web Applications, Typescript Libraries, and Component Libraries Technologies: • React.JS • CSS/HTML • TypeScript • Styled-components (CSS-in-JS) • State Machines (Redux / Mobx / Context) You it is nice have simple knowledge: NodeJS, NextJS, MySQL


Degree level qualification in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related discipline • 2 years of experience in a role focused on frontend development using React.js

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